Methods, Sectors & Cross-Cutting themes

Don Bosco Development Society shall unswervingly adopt the following Methods, Sectors and Cross-Cutting Themes while operationalizing the above mentioned Strategic Priorities:


Methods of Intervention

As the DBDS is committed to positively engage with the poverty causes, the susceptibility of the country to natural disasters and the emergence of issues due to injustice & inequality adversely affecting the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized populations, emphasis will be placed on the following Modes of Intervention and the integration of same in programming across all sectors


Sector Priorities

The following are the Priority Sectors of DBDS:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Justice, Peace Building & Reconciliation
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction
  4. Re-settlement & Livelihood Development
  5. Safe Labour Migration
  6. Environmental Protection

Cross-cutting Themes

The following are the Cross-cutting of DBDS:

  1. Climate change adaptation
  2. Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security
  3. Permanent Shelter
  4. Health, Water & Sanitation
  5. Youth development
  6. Education