1. Human Resource Development

For people to be able to deliver the strategy 2018-2023, DBDS will ensure that organizational purpose, leadership, culture, capability, structure, processes and systems are aligned.

2. Improved Accountability and Effectiveness

In support of our commitment to accountability and constant learning, there will be several tools to monitor, evaluate and learn.

3. Financial Integrity and Transparency

We will adhere strictly to the requirements of our own accountability systems as well as those of our donors and national government. We are strongly committed to value for money while implementing programs that help ensure sustainable development for our rights holders. Our donors will be kept well-informed about the progress of how the dedicated resources are being utilised, while we will continue supporting our partners to maintain the highest level of integrity in their financial reporting and accounting systems.

We will further develop our financial policy to make sure that our accounting and financial activities are maintained in line with greater organizational check and balance systems. We will share information on use of financial resources with our rights holders as appropriate.

4. Resource Mobilization

The competition for resources is growing and there is a need for DBDS to reposition itself to attract donor income with programs and projects that are demonstrably effective. We understand that we cannot make ourselves dependent on traditional forms and methods of fund raising, and need to step out and be creative and professional in our approaches to the mobilization of resources. Working closely with Private sector will be one core activity of this strategic period. DBDS will invest in strengthening relationships with the private sector.

5. Sustainability

During this strategic period DBDS will work with the Salesian Communities/Institutions of Don Bosco Trust in Sri Lanka to become self-sufficient. By the end of 2023, at least 10 of the 20 Salesian Communities will be in a position to carry out all their development interventions utilising their own resources without depending on the province or external donors.

6. Managing Risks and Uncertainty

To deliver on the programming and strategic priorities, we will develop and institutionalise risk management by assessing internal and external risk at regular intervals. DBDS’ organizational board will be collectively responsible for the effective implementation of this strategy and supporting DBDS in managing all the associated risks and challenges.