Recent Projects

Community development through sustainable farm activities

”  The Sustainable Community Farm at the Don Bosco Mankulam Aspirantate is now an independent initiative to stimulate the local agro-ecology economy and to promote self sufficiency in a population that lives under the poverty line. The farm is designed to promote sustainable agriculture in the local and Salesian communities by training villagers and aspirants in effective organic practices and improve their standard of living, while inspiring a deeper respect and love for nature’s abundant resources. A large part of this project was training local women to become self sufficient. The project is based on the working assumption that there is a direct link between women in agriculture and reducing rates of poverty. Rural women produce half of the world’s food and, in developing countries, between 60 percent and 80 percent of food crops. Women also are more likely than men to spend their income on the well-being of their families: on more nutritious foods, school fees for children and health care. Furthermore, Agro-ecology supports the entire spectrum of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a dissection of each of the 17 goals and their targets..”

School and Hotel at Nochchiyagama

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