Don Bosco Emergency Desk

On hearing of the blasts and the mass casualties on Easter Sunday morning, Don Bosco Sri Lanka assessed the situation on the ground in partnership with local churches and NGOs to offer a meaningful support services to the victims.

Taking the psychosocial impact of the event in to serious consideration – loss, death and grief- Don Bosco plans to implement a full range of psychosocial support interventions targeting both direct and indirect Victims, aiming at both immediate/ short term response and longer term recovery needs.

Don Bosco Emegency Desk is hoping to offer the following activities to support the victims of the tragedy:

  1. PFA – Psychological First Aid – Provide psychological first aid through a Trauma Centre that will be open for the family members of dead and wounded, and for directly affected persons. Other organisations and institutions working with in the relief efforts will be encouraged to refer cases. It is critical to provide crisis counselling,  trauma therapy and support services, along  with  outreach and public education for direct victims of the attacks. However the entire nation has been shaken and  traumatized by the unfolding events- resulting in a lot of indirect victims. They need a support system.
  2. If the victims or their family members are required to be referred to specialized medical services DBED will Refer them to the relevant Service Providers.
  3. DBED will follow up the victims with periodic Family Visits throughout the recovery period. The most important psychological support you can give to someone after a traumatic event is simply to be there and act in a kind, caring way towards them.
  4. Scholarships for Children whose A/L revision and preparation has been disrupted. Classes will be provided in 8 A/L subjects to ensure the affected communities excel academically and are prepared to support their communities as future professionals.
  5.  Conduct Recreational Activities for the Children who lost their parents/ guardians as a therapeutic intervention for enhance psychosocial well being.
  6. Conduct Summer Camp for Children who have been victimised by this tragedy to share their experiences, heal together and form long lasting bonds and support groups.
  7. Form Self-Help groups with people (Widows, Widowers and children) who are affected and facilitate them to share their experience and support the process of venting.
  8. DBED also will Conduct an in-depth Assessment for designing a longer term Multidimensional recovery program.