Key difficulties often expressed by students and young people

  • I cannot do as will in my studies as other people expect me to do.
  • I do not know enough about the qualifications needed for different kinds of work or careers.
  • I worry too much about what my future will be after I have finished my studies.
  • Even though I force myself, my attention will not remain on my assignments long enough to finish them.
  • I do not know how to make friends among the opposite sex.
  • I do not have sufficient information about matters on sex.
  • I do not know enough about my aptitudes and abilities for different kinds of work or careers.
  • It is difficult for me to get the books I need for study.
  • I cannot read fast enough to complete my studies in time.
  • I do not know proper methods of study.
  • I have more difficulty in forgetting my mistakes than I believe I should have.

The eleven areas may be summarized under four headings- Study habits and skills, Career choice, knowledge of aptitudes and abilities, Sex education.


Overall Project Objective:

Building Resilience to empower the children and young people by providing counseling and career guidance services.

Specific Project Objectives:

  1. To enable the children and youth to explore viable education and career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information;
  2. To help children and youth cope with their behavioral problems, academic issues, peer influences and negative stimuli through positively structured career guidance and counseling services;
  3. To nurture one’s self- awareness, self-directedness and life skills to set wise goals, to continually learn, and add value to their future workplace;
  4. To inculcate an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the well- functioning of society;
  5. To equip students with skills and means to positively engage their parents and other career influencers.
  6. To prepare the youth for the world of work by introducing them also to vocational courses through adequate training and preparation;

Locations of Career Guidance & Counseling Service Centers:

  1. Kandy
  2. Mankulam
  3. Metiyagane
  4. Murunkan
  1. Nachchikuda
  2. Negombo
  3. Nochchiyagama

The Program Reach Out