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The Don Bosco Society in Sri Lanka has a history of engagement, partnership and cooperation with all the rights holders (especially the poor and needy children and young people), with civil society organizations and with the Government for more than 50 years. It is guided by and aligned to the strategic guidance of the Don Bosco International for justice, peace and human development across the globe.

As the Provincial of the Don Bosco Society, Sri Lanka, I am happy to write this foreword to appreciate and approve the strategic planning outlined in this document by our ‘Planning and Development Office’  (PDO), which is the ‘Social Arm’ of the Don Bosco Trust in Sri Lanka. It plans, implements, monitors and evaluates development and human promotion projects in collaboration with the Don Bosco institutions across Sri Lanka.

The opportunity to step back and scrutinize, evaluate, consider and question our activities is crucial. Strategic planning keeps an organization on track over time, and allows it to respond to change while remaining faithful to its mission and vision. The process itself may have as much value to the organization as the final plan, since so much can be learned from surveying both the position of the organization and the state of the environment in which it operates.

Over the years, the Don Bosco Society in Sri Lanka has garnered vast experience to work for the wellbeing of children and young people (especially the poor and marginalized) and other rights holders. It has learned immense lessons to be effective in its operations having put monitoring systems in place. It has consolidated its energies and strengthened itself in the grassroots communities. Within this larger environment of the Society, the PDO is to assist and enable every Don Bosco community/institution to become efficient, effective and self-sustainable in all their program initiatives for the empowerment of all the stakeholders and beneficiaries.

The Strategic Plan 2018-2023 of DBDOS (Don Bosco Development Office, Sri Lanka) or the PDO as it is commonly called, sets clear and ambitious priorities to guide our shared effort towards ‘dignity of life’ for all people. It recommits us to our unique identity and holistic view of transformation, to serve along-side the poor, marginalized and the vulnerable to promote sustainable integral human development and social change, and to seek justice, peace & reconciliation as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. It is based on our shared understanding of the causes of poverty, deprivation, vulnerability and inequality prevalent in Sri Lanka and Don Bosco Society’s unique expertise to take action in this context.

Therefore, in this regard we seek the collaboration, networking and partnership of all like-minded individuals, groups and networks in the country and across the globe.  Thank you.

Fr. Joseph Almeida, SDB

Provincial Don Bosco Society, Sri Lanka

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